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We offer an interactive educational opportunity designed to deepen and strengthen the reflective practice of social work and counselling professionals and provide continuing professional education. The seminars provided are organised into discreet learning categories. Each seminar features before and after questions that aim to increase the reflections of participants, assist them to interact with the concepts and practices discussed, and assimilate these into their own practice. Dr Paul Gibney offers a deep exploration of the therapeutic domain that is steeped in everyday practice and is not about the pristine descriptions of social work that occur in books and university lectures. You will see and hear concepts discussed in ways that you have never heard it discussed or considered before. So, if you have found previous descriptions simply inadequate… you have come to the right place to strengthen your practice and increase your sustainability as a social work practitioner.

We are excited to be offering this continuing professional development opportunity for social workers and counsellors. Its development represents a lot of planning, design and execution. The material presented in each seminar has been developed by Dr Paul Gibney through over forty years of practice in consultation with teachers, mentors, colleagues, clients and critical friends.

It is aimed at providing practising social workers and counsellors with access to quality therapeutic theory which will enhance and strengthen your practice.
It has a unique format that allows the practitioner to access specific theoretical concepts and practice ideas in a comprehensive, but time-sensitive fashion.

This practice website has seven complete workshops. These workshops are comprised of 10-15 seminars; videos on specific topics (which can be purchased individually), that range from 20 minutes through to over 60 minutes.

We invite you to be a part of an ongoing dialogue, or rather to bring your multiple dialogues into conversation with the ideas herein: an ongoing conversation – the very heart and soul of therapy.

You can head straight to our learning system to review our available seminars through this link:.

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 Accessible Professional Development

Rich Resource of Experience and Wisdom

The content centres on everyday practice and the reality of providing professional support to clients day in, day out.

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Access to Clinical Practice Content

In exploring the therapeutic domain, it dives deep into practice wisdom.

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Flexible Availability

The content is available when ever you have the capacity to engage with it.

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The format for each seminar is:

1. Pre-seminar reflective questions

2. Seminar video

3. Post-seminar reflective questions

4. Link to download your reflections

5. PDF file of references and quotes used in the seminar

6. CPD certificate

Critical Concepts for Effective Therapeutic Practice (14 seminars)

The Simplicity/Complexity Method of Psychotherapy (11 seminars)

Brief Interventions in Family Sensitive Practice (4 seminars)

Couples Therapy (7 seminars)

Obscure Pieces of Theory that will Strengthen your Practice (10 seminars)

The Person of the Therapist and the Therapeutic Relationship (10 seminars)

An Introduction to Jungian Concepts and Technique: Adding Depth and Meaning to your Everyday Practice (11 seminars)

Articulating your Framework for Practice (4 videos)